Quality Outdoor Furniture
that Looks Great and Lasts



A high-quality piece of furniture starts with its bones, the frame. Each Casuwel handcrafted furniture item is carefully constructed using high-grade extruded aluminum tubing. Used in many patio furniture designs, aluminum provides the strength and durability Casuwel requires. Each of our frames is welded, cleaned and powder coated to create a dependable base for weaving and to protect the surface from the elements, extending the life of the product.


This is where our Casuwel artistry comes in as our craftspeople hand-weave the finest, strongest synthetic fiber available. Our polyethylene weaves feature antibacterial, antimicrobial and UV inhibitors to prevent fading. And our 100% weatherproof weaves allow for easy cleaning and inhibit unnecessary wear from many of nature’s elements. Each piece of Casuwel furniture is gracefully woven by hand. The detailed weaving process for each of our four collections is unique to each, but all require the skillset, care and patience of a trained weaver.


Casuwel Premium Comfort Cushions

Casuwel Premium Comfort Cushions are handmade right here in the United States, and covered with renowned Sunbrella® outdoor fabric. More than a quarter century in perfecting the precise cutting and sewing of our custom cushions is what sets Casuwel apart. Each individually custom-cut cushion is hand tailored to the specific piece of Casuwel furniture. The sewing is artfully done to enhance the appearance of the customer’s fabric selection, and cushion zippers allow for easy dew and rain drainage when the cushions are set on end.

Casuwel Luxurious Seat Fill

With a focus on sustainability, our Casuwel foam fill consists of 20% soy, reducing our need for petroleum products. Our proprietary formula is produced to our generous density standard, assuring extreme comfort while surpassing the standard foam per cubic inch of other products. To add a premium touch of added comfort, seat bottoms are topped off with a one-inch layer of fiberfill to deliver the Casuwel extra plush seat.

Casuwel Luxurious Back Fill

With a continued eye on our environment and a dedicated commitment to eco-awareness, Casuwel back cushions are filled with a fiber created from 100% recycled plastic bottles, ingeniously spun to give resiliency while contributing to our sustainability commitment. Every back cushion in its individually sewn bag is stuffed to the proper resiliency and denier weight to insure longevity and comfort.


When it comes to outdoor fabric, Sunbrella is simply the best available anywhere in the world. Casuwel offers more than two dozen Sunbrella fabrics for our furniture, pillows and umbrellas to complement any outdoor living space. Unlike other outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella individually dyes and weatherproofs every strand – every single strand. Their process ensures a lifetime of non-fading, weatherproof wear and usability. From the hot sun to cold rain, Sunbrella produces fabrics that can withstand harsh elements without fading or fraying and repels mildew and mold.


Casuwel’s outdoor living furniture is made to last, but simple maintenance and care will keep it looking spectacular longer. Remove any yard debris that falls on your furniture to ensure it isn’t holding any water on the surface. Furniture frames and weaving can be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly and allow it time to dry before placing any cushions on the surface.

If excess water starts to puddle on the cushions, they can be scrubbed with mild detergent and then rinsed. Stand them on their end to allow water to flow through the pillows and dry.

Here’s a more complete guide to cleaning Sunbrella fabrics.

Be sure to cover or store your furniture and outdoor accessories any time they will not be used for an extended period of time.